• The materials are normally delivered to your property 1 or 2 days before we commence work.
  • We lay down tarps to protect areas that could be damaged, and move deck furniture, etc. out of the way.
  • We work on your roof in sections because the weather can change quickly in Calgary. We remove the shingles and roofing paper. We replace any roof decking if necessary (at no extra cost to you). We clean off the roof deck.
  • We install a metal drip edge on the edge of your roof above the eaves. We then add a 3 foot wide layer of ice and water membrane above all the eaves to protect against water or ice that may get under the shingles.
  • If your roof has any valleys we lay down a 3 foot wide layer of ice and water membrane, and lay a 30 inch wide galvanized metal strip atop the membrane.
  • We cover the rest of the roof in a synthetic roof wrap (much better than roofing paper/felt).
  • We replace all the existing vents and add vents as required to ensure you have sufficient venting. We replace any metal flashings as required.
  • We install a starter row of shingles around the perimeter of the property and in the valleys. Then we start laying the shingles row by row. Manufacturers call for 4 nails per shingle, but we use 6 nails per shingle. In areas of very high wind we will use 8 nails per shingle and hand tab the shingles (add additional adhesive).
  • We finish off by installing the ridge cap shingles.
  • We clean off the roof of loose granules from the new shingles, and we clean out the eaves.
  • We clean up the entire work area, with the last step being the use of a nail magnet to pick up any stray nails.
  • We remove all debris from the job site.
  • No loud music is played while we work.
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