Insurance Services

Insurance Services

If you have a claim approved by your insurance company, you can select the roofing company you want to complete the work. Your insurance company will probably have a few large roofing contractors that make up its “preferred contractor” list, and it may assign one of those contractors to re-roof your property. You are not required to use their assigned contractor.

Why select your own contractor? In the past 5 years southern Alberta has been hit with a barrage of hail and wind storms. It has taxed the ability of contractors to find trained and qualified workers to complete the huge amount of work. Because we have chosen to remain a small contractor our crews are already fully trained and will provide you with a high quality roof. While other contractors will hire sub-contractors to fill their needs, Arkitakt/Kodiak Roofing will not hire sub-contractors.

The standard insurance policy requires that the insurance company will only replace the materials that are presently on your roof. As most roofs are originally built to meet (but not exceed) minimum building code requirements, your replacement roof will be of the same quality. This is less than what shingle manufacturers recommend. At Arkitakt /Kodiak Roofing we don’t believe in minimum code roofing. Therefore we will absorb the extra cost of providing you with upgraded materials to allow for a higher level of protection from the elements.

In many instances the damage to your property will go beyond just the roof. We have working relationships with other exterior contractors including eavestroughers, siders, painters, etc. that can work with us to complete other areas of required repair to your property.


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