As a property manager you demand a top quality roofer that can meet your roofing requirements on an ongoing basis. You need to know that the quality level will always be maintained.

As a condo board manager you need the assurance that you will receive a high quality roofing job, and that your fellow unit owners will feel secure knowing they and their possessions are safe from the elements.

Whatever type of commercial property you are responsible for, Arlitakt/Kodiak Roofing can meet your shingling needs. In the past two years we have re-shingled various projects, including a townhome development, a group of villas, a motor hotel and a large church.

We treat your commercial property with the same respect as if it was your own residence.

Once we start a job we will continue on that job until the work is complete. And we will complete it as quickly as possible so as to limit any inconvenience to you.


Arkitakt Roofing Ltd. – operating as Kodiak Roofing “We wrap your roof in quality!”

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