About Us

About Us

It’s not about us – it’s about you – our customer. Our role is to provide you with PEACE OF MIND and SECURITY. That is why we started Arkitakt Roofing (now operating as Kodiak Roofing) in 2010.

Prior to 2010 we worked as sub-contractors for 6 years. That severely limited us in providing you with a top quality roof, because we had no say in what roofing methods were used or what materials were used.

To ensure we always provide top quality workmanship we will remain a small company in the southern Alberta market. Largeness in the roofing industry does not always equate with quality. We don’t want to be the biggest – WE WANT TO BE THE BEST.

We take pride in providing high quality installations, using only the best of materials for the type of roof you want. The term “minimum code roofing” does not exist in our world. Our installations meet and exceed the shingle manufacturers’ recommended specifications.

Our workmanship reflects the owner’s strong European work ethic. Every customer receives the same attention to detail, no matter how small or large the roof.

We are licensed in the municipalities we work in. We carry $5 million liability insurance, and we are in good standing with the WCB. In addition to the manufacturers’ warranties on the shingles, we provide a 5 year labour warranty.

As of March 2014 we are proud to be a member of the “BAEUMLER APPROVED” referral network.

Arkitakt Roofing Ltd. – operating as Kodiak Roofing “We wrap your roof in quality!”

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